It was a beautiful sunny afternoon on Thursday 22nd March 2018, with the mountains of Castelló County as our backdrop and a brummie with a guitar providing the soundtrack.

Lucía, my wonderful girlfriend of three years, appeared tethered to the arm of her father, Pepe. She looked absolutely stunning as she approached in her wedding dress (although at this point I must add that she did rely on support staff totalling 4 people and almost 4 hours preparation, whereas I did the best I could in 40 minutes to look as acceptable as I was ever going to look).

With Lucía’s parents and brother (Pepe, Carmen & Victor) as witnesses, we married (which was a welcome relief from the three hours of pacing around that I did whilst I waited).

The ceremony was fantastic, performed in both Spanish and English and involved mixing sand from beaches in Aberdeen and València (València is Lucía’s home town, Aberdeen isn’t mine but it is where we both currently live). Leon, the guitarist sounded amazing and our crazy photographer Manuel made everyone feel at ease (which always helps when you notice a lens pointing at you).

The floral arrangements were perfect and truly complemented the wonderful location of Mar de la Carrasca setting the scene for an exceptionally romantic wedding!

Right now we’ve included just a few mobile phone snaps, I’ll update this page as soon as we have official photographs so watch this space.

We would like to thank the following people (in no particular order) for their support on our big day:

So, that’s the Weirdos and Wedding out of the way for now, next stop Africa for the honeymoon where hopefully we’ll catch some Wildebeest (not in the literal sense of course!).