Month: March 2018

At the top of a mountain in Spain

It was a beautiful sunny afternoon on Thursday 22nd March 2018, with the mountains of Castelló County as our backdrop and a brummie with a guitar providing the soundtrack….

Honeymoon – Almost there… Almost

Left Valencia at 2pm on a 3 hour train ride to Barcelona,  followed by a 6 hour flight to Doha arriving at 5.30 am this morning. Couple of hours wait at Doha now just boarding another 6 hour flight to Kilimanjaro.      

Honeymoon – 27 hours on

Getting through Doha airport was a breeze, it seems to run so much more efficiently than any airport I’ve been to before. The remaining 2210 mile flight to Kilimanjaro was almost empty and largely uneventful. Lucia managed to get a good sleep, me not so much but we landed safely at 3pm local time.  …

Honeymoon – Manyara

Enjoyed a good nights sleep with various creepy crawlies, thankfully there were some salamanders in the room to keep the numbers down. Had a relaxed morning at the poolside before embarking on our 2.5 hour journey to Manyara Safari Camp. As we left with our tour guide Ahmed, a bout of torrential rain fell, making…

Honeymoon – Baboons and Blowouts

After breakfast, we dosed up on our anti-malarial vaccines and plenty of mosquito repellent. The safari lodge had prepared a picnic lunch, today was going to be a big drive. First stop was Manyara Park which was absolutely stunning, Baboons and Monkeys in their masses Ahmed, our tour guide tells us that there’s no guarantee…

Honeymoon – Don’t let the bed bugs bite

As a fully grown man, I feel that when I retired to bed last night, the sound of Hyenas and Lions in the background shouldn’t have phased me too much. It certainly didn’t phase Lucia who, as usual, was sound asleep within 30 seconds of her head hitting the pillow. I lay awake actually not…

Honeymoon – Human Again

Another night in the wilderness and although Lucia shirked her responsibility of staying awake on bug duty, I actually had a great nights sleep. It had rained late in the evening which seemed to reduce the army of multi legged monsters. There was the usual soundtrack of grasshoppers and Hyena but a much quieter night….

Honeymoon – Legging it

After a night spent back in a comfortable bed again, we rose for an early start. Enjoyed a nice breakfast and headed to Ngorngoro crater. We waited in the mist of the morning as our tour guide arranged the permit for access into the crater. On his return, Ahmed explained that the real mission of…